Bringing back the hand-written note, one photo card at a time.

Bringing back the hand-written note, one photo card at a time.

Bringing back the hand-written note, one photo card at a time.Bringing back the hand-written note, one photo card at a time.

Upcoming Shows and Events

Mark your calendars and plan to attend one (or more) of the upcoming shows/festivals/bazaars that I'll be appearing in!  I'd love to see you and of course, would appreciate your support.  I am always looking for help during my shows - it takes a lot of work to set up (especially the longer ones) and I'd also love the help during show hours.  If interested in helping out, send me an email for details.

No upcoming events.

About Me


About Photo Cards by Susan Greenwood

What started out as a simple Mother's Day gift for Mom has, over the years, morphed into the current Photo Cards by Susan Greenwood.  For her gift, I included the tulip photo above in a collage frame, then all of her friends wanted one, and then the photo on the right happened. 

I think I've always enjoyed taking photos but now I've turned that passion into what I call 'a hobby gone awry'.  I thoroughly enjoy meeting and talking with my customers at the various shows and events that I participate in and even though those show are a lot of work, I enjoy every minute of it.  

When I'm out and about or on vacation, my camera is never very far away.  Seems like I'm continually adding new photos to my inventory making it very difficult to choose which one(s) will need to be "retired".  

On a final note, people often assume that I've had photography classes...nope, not a single one.  I simply enjoy taking photos and try to present them in a way that others will enjoy them.  

Thanks for reading - and thanks for visiting my website!


How you can help me

Everyone can use a little help now and then...

and there are a few ways that you can help me.  

  • Please keep me in mind for gifts for family, friends, co-workers, etc.  I realize that not everyone writes hand-written notes, that's why I have the photo gifts.  A hostess gift for the holidays?  A coffee mug for your admin assistant?  I can help.
  • The majority of the shows that I participate in are multi-day events. Not only could I use a helping hand during the event with sales help, but it takes a lot of time and effort to set up my booth/display.  Please consider volunteering to help with setup, during the event, or tear down.  You'll have fun...really!
  • Help me to get the word out about my products and/or events. Please "like" my Facebook page and share the posts as you feel is appropriate.  Also, my information is on the back of each photo card - when you send one to a friend, hopefully they'll see my info and will want to check out my products. 
  • If you hear of a show that you think I should look into, please send me the information.  Thanks!

Contact Me

Photo Cards by Susan Greenwood

UPDATED April 2020: Unfortunately, I've had a reoccurrence of my basal cell cancer and will need to take the summer off for surgery/radiation/recovery. I hope to return to the Puyallup State Fair, unless cancelled due to COVID concerns. Stay tuned!

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